Without doubt the whole workforce, including team leaders and any sub contractors or external support, impacts on the bottom line and on customer retention.

All employees should understand how their role relates to the core business targets and feel valued to help ensure that they are sufficiently motivated. Often Employee Surveys reveal that the workforce is not effectively led and not motivated. On average employees spend 15%-20% of their working day on non or low productive work. Alan Fletcher Solutions is able to support organisations to ensure that appropriate processes are in place along with good leadership behaviours from leaders at team, departmental and corporate levels.

The difference between success and failure is often identified by how quickly people give up and where leaders have a negative motivational effect on individuals.

It is usually accepted that motivated people perform better. Good leadership demands good people-motivation skills and the use of inspirational techniques, appropriate behaviours and good communication skills. People are unique, have different strengths, needs and working style preferences; people work and learn in different ways. Managers and leaders should consider how to develop mutual respect and develop trust as they help in the ongoing development of individuals within in the team.