LMI was formed in 1966 and has its headquarters in Waco Texas . LMI’s aim is to develop effective leaders and organisations through the implementation of a unique process.  As the LMI concept has spread worldwide, LMI processes and materials are now translated into more than 23 languages, and marketed in more than 60 countries around the globe. LMI has helped countless organisations, both small and huge internationally known, and individuals in setting and achieving corporate and personal goals.

LMI UK is based near Maidenhead in Berkshire has worked with numerous organisations including BP, Endsleigh Business Insurance, Bank of America, Allied Irish Bank, Nike, Handelsbanken, Sony and many SMEs nationwide.

The training on leadership techniques is delivered using an Action Based Learning Technique which involves 3 core concepts – time, multisensory learning and spaced repetition. The various training/development programmes are provided on a 1:1 personal coaching basis and is really cost effective. LMI UK believes that people are the heart and soul of every organisation and a company’s greatest asset.