The quality of customer service as perceived by the customer should be a significant importance to everyone in the supplying organisation. Monitoring and improving Customer Perception should be seen as a ‘barometer’ relating to future company survival and success.

Highly satisfied and loyal customers generate more income and usually better profits providing they have no real issues with service delivery. Ensuring continued customer focus should be top of the agenda relating to values, strategic objectives and leadership.

Customer service should be at the centre of organisational behaviour. Unfortunately in some organisations customer service is often neglected until a problem arises. The quality of customer service as perceived by the customer will determine the level of future spending.

It is helpful, if not essential, that everyone in an organisation is customer orientated. In every business sector it costs far more to gain new customers than to retain existing customers. Failing to build good customer relationships is a waste of a great opportunity to grow and develop the business. When a customer decides to take away their business it is usually because they are unhappy about the service they are receiving.

Retaining customers, particularly those in the top 20%-25% in terms of income generated, produces many positive benefits for the organisation including income and profitability. In addition customer retention could help attract new business through customer led referrals. High level of customer satisfaction and retention also improves staff morale and motivation.