Understanding the Value of Excellence

The Business Excellence (EFQM) Model helps organisations to understand where improvement is best focused. “Self-assessment” is an effective way to provide a platform where an improvement plan can be implemented. Alan Fletcher Solutions can assist throughout this process. There is a proven link between the use of the EFQM Model and improved organisational results. Using the Business Excellence Model often helps a business enormously.

Bespoke Workshops can be facilitated to help improve the performance of teams, departments or throughout the business. Workshops relating to various topics including Leadership (comprising of Goal Setting, Employee Motivation, Time Management and Leading the Team), Presentation Skills, Team Development, Partnering (collaboration), Customer Service and Business Improvement can be tailored to meet company needs in a cost-effective way.

Leadership Development
So much research tells us that the majority of companies do not have sufficient effective leaders.  Effective leaders influence others, build effective relationships, inspire commitment, think strategically and are high achievers. Such leaders are a role model, they are visionary, they create an environment where teams are effective because of positive engagement, they are motivational,   they have clear goals and there is an unshakeable determination to succeed. Alan Fletcher, being an Associate with LMI UK, has a proven track record in helping managers develop leadership skills.

Process and Management Reviews
Organisations benefit from undertaking an effective Management Review. Such reviews highlight where changes and improvement will bring greater success. A purposeful approach will critically review the effectiveness of processes and the deployment of resources which can be also considered against customer feedback and perception.

Customer Perception
Many organisations do not undertake a robust assessment of customer perception and so often rely on their gut feel concerning how their customers feel about the quality of service delivery. Such assumptions are often based on the number of complaints or the present value of the business.  This approach is often flawed  – it is a very poor way of determining customer perception. Understanding how customers really perceive the supplying organisation is another area where Alan Fletcher Solutions can add value by obtaining a clear view from customers before addressing any change in processes, resources or strategy. The phrase ‘Customer Perception is Reality’ comes to mind.