Happiness is the route to success

Happiness is, I believe, is governed by our mental attitude, is relative and affected by whether we feel happier or perhaps less so at any given time. As Aristotle said, “Happiness depends on ourselves”.

I have read books written by Jim Rohn and recall that he said that happiness comes to those who deliberately expand their horizons and experiences. I guess we can be positive about future happiness or convince ourselves that we are not capable of being happy. Jim Rohn also said, “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present”.

If you happen to be in the construction sector or work with clients in that sector happiness might be just around the corner the corner. The construction sector is reporting rapid growth. January 2014 saw the steepest expansion in UK construction since August 2007.

Reports tell us that much of the growth has been thanks to the increase in house building, which in January expanded at the fastest rate since the autumn of 2003. Additionally, the construction sector is experiencing an increase in commercial building work and in the civil engineering sub sector.

Recruitment agencies specialising in construction are reporting an increase in activity with the number of new jobs increasing for some eighth months in a row.

We all know that we all really operate in the global economy. The good news is that the world economy is recovering, with the International Monetary Fund expecting growth of 3.7% this year, the highest since the crash. More good news is that the UK is doing rather well- growing faster than other rich countries.

The downside is that we have lost five years’ potential growth and real incomes have fallen. Unemployment remains high and we have yet to see wages outpace prices, though some say this will happen later this year!

History tells us that the UK and world economies depend on the situation in the United States. The euro crisis was another reason of the global crash; the European situation seems as unclear as ever. Germany seems to be doing well, France less so with Greece and Portugal still experiencing challenges.

A final quote : “Happiness is making your dreams come true” says Jourdan Dunn – a British fashion model.

Alan Fletcher 28 February 2014