Alan Fletcher Solutions, formed in November 2011, is working with a range of businesses to help in the realisation of their key objectives. The range of services provided focus on managerial functions including strategic planning, leadership, staff motivation, communication and results in an evaluation. Key measures include customer as well as employee perception. Alan Fletcher Solutions provides management consultancy support whether to fulfil a specific need already identified by the client or on a more general approach to business improvement. The objective of every appointment is to work closely with company directors and senior managers to help them achieve an improvement in results.


Over the years Alan Fletcher has gained extensive experience in quality and excellence concepts focussing on improved results. Alan has delivered presentations on a regular basis and has helped many people improve their presentation skills. Additionally, Alan has helped various organisations gain Investors in People, gain recognition to ISO 9001, enter and win London Excellence Awards and raise their profile accordingly.

Areas of Expertise and Experience

  • Leadership Development
  • People Management including Investors in People
  • Customer Relationships
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Development
  • Stakeholder Relationships
  • Systems Development
  • Collaborative Working
  • Presentations
  • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing and Sales Support
  • Facilitating Dedicated Workshops

For some ten years, Alan has worked with several organisations in the public and private sectors including local authorities, housing associations, schools, building contractors of all sizes, M&E contractors, construction logistics, media, road haulage and transportation.

Alan Fletcher Solutions works closely with clients throughout the commission adhering to the agreed programme and maintaining strict client commercial confidentiality. By challenging the status quo, alternative options will be considered, evaluated and analysed in order to achieve and deliver the most practicable solution meeting the client’s requirements. Analysing any deviation between the business plan and actual results is often revealing. Once the performance gap is understood, Alan Fletcher Solutions will set out a clear approach and programme to establish what needs to be done and help monitor progress. Alan always aims to inspire, support and challenge.

London Excellence

Alan has helped organisations to enter and win London Excellence Awards helping them gain recognition for the way they manage their business.  Alan is an Ambassador for Excellence and attends many London Excellence events.

London Excellence exists to help you raise your performance and that of your business. London Excellence is a not-for-profit membership organisation with over 15 years’ experience helping individuals and organisations raise their performance. which exists to increase the influence of excellence to all organisations in London and beyond. The three main approaches adopted by London Excellence focus on (a) a community of sharing and networking (b) providing learning development through networking and the use of various business tools generated from London Excellence and its Ambassadors for Excellence.

As a social enterprise, led by the members, London Excellence creates opportunities to facilitate learning about leadership and management through the sharing of good practice between experienced leaders and practising managers.

Regardless of sector, size or nature of your business, you will benefit from effective use of the ‘Excellence Model’. The EFQM model is a practical tool which helps organisations to identify shortfall in performance and establish where best to focus continuous improvement initiatives.

There are many approaches to achieving sustainable business improvement in organisational performance by using the EFQM model. There is evidence from the British Quality Foundation (BQF) that clearly shows that the Business Excellence Model, when implemented effectively, can dramatically improve financial performance and customer satisfaction.

Our Roles

Alan Fletcher Solutions provides support and guidance in helping organisations to identify, implement and monitor improvement across a range of activities relating to people, process and change.

EFQM involvement

Alan first became involved in the EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) model in the mid-1990s whilst at BT plc. Alan believes that the EFQM Model is an excellent approach to help business owns and Directors achieve business improvement year on year.

“Excellence” evolved from the Quality Control era of the 1940s and 1950s, the introduction of Quality Circles first popular in the 1960s, the introduction of BS 5750 (now ISO 9001) in 1979 and the launch of Total Quality Management in the 1980s.

TQM addresses topics including continuous improvement, customer focus and employee engagement. In the late 1980s leading European industrial leaders met on a regular basis which led to the launch of the EFQM Model in September 1991. In the UK the British Quality Foundation (formed in 1993) exists to help all businesses (FTSE 100 companies, public sector and SMEs) to improve how their organisations perform. The BQF also runs the UK Excellence Awards.

Alan Fletcher has worked with organisations to improve their business performance using the EFQM model as the basis for identifying and introducing improvement teams focused on delivering change and on-going improvement.